L'immensité de l'univers symbolisée par la lune de taille massive et dominante sur ce désert inconnu.

Faire face est parfois un combat perdu d'avance. Représenter ce combat est parfois une victoire sur l'Univers.

Photomontage du passé et du présent, entre XIXème siècle et XXIème siècle, la réunion des siècles a parfois une esthétique victorieuse.

The immensity of the universe symbolized by the massive and dominant moon on this unknown desert.

Coping is sometimes a losing battle. Representing this fight is sometimes a victory over the Universe.

Photomontage of the past and present, between the 19th and 21st centuries, the reunion of centuries sometimes has a victorious aesthetic.

Thomas Thomopoulos

Living in Paris, practicing photography and editing since 2012. I started with landscape and animal, then continue with the portrait. The photo is a creative tool that in the digital age is changing. In the end, there is the digital creation combining the camera and the computer. No doubt someday, if not already, with artificial intelligence. One of my photo was published in a book "médecine de catastrophe" (édition Lavoisier 2017). The photo named Explorer was published in the issue ...

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