Neon Queen

The essence of healing with color is the use of colored light to heal the auric and physical body.

Visualize the seven colors gently floating around you and allow your body to take the colors that you need for your own well-being into yourself.

Your own inner light will pull the necessary colors towards you.

And life is color and warmth and light
And a striving evermore for these. ~ Julian Grenfell

Julie Catona

Julie Catona was born in Upstate NY- where she cultivated her passion for painting and drawing from a very early age. An artist by nature, she began her schooling in SUNY Ulster studying Fine Art and Graphic Design and continued her studies at the Academy of Art in San Francisco majoring in 3D Animation and VFX. Along with animation and graphic design, Julie is also a Certified Pastry Chef, graduating the South Florida's Culinary Institute with honors she holds an ...

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