Supergirl 5

Supergirl 5, is a new visionary painting painted on canvas with own technique using acrylic paints. Absolutely emotional, energizing and unique creation inspired by cubist painting that is a combination of abstraction and realism. It  presents a sporty girl with long black hair during pull-up on the stick. She heavily trains like Tomb Raider known from  a series of computer games, comics, novels and films about fictional adventures, British archaeologist Lara Croft. Surprising composition and the way of presenting a woman's figure and the environment in which she finds herself, like from Star Wars.
The fifth painting from the "Supergirl" series.

Subject: Woman | Mediums: Acrylic paints, own technique | Materials: Canvas | Styles: Contemporary | Size:120 H x 80 W x 2,5 [cm] | Year: 2017

ania luk

I am an artist, graduated at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. I co-operate with leading galleries and art dealers around the world and my artworks have already been exhibited in the USA, China, Singapore, South Korea, the UK, Italy, France and Poland. My art can be found in private and corporate collections in various parts of the world. After graduating, I had been painting for pleasure for a few years. Currently I paint on canvas one-off artworks, using mainly acrylic ...

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