Small homage to Fritz Lang's Nibelungen and it's heroine Kriemhild. I tried to capture a part of the tragic spirit Lang created.
This is my art, not taken directly from the movie - Kriemhild looks slightly different there.
"Nun, Erde, trinke dich satt"

Mixed media technique

Udo P. Linke

Udo P. Linke: Grew up near Berlin in the former GDR, master's degree after five years art school. Years of experience as an illustrator, specializing in Pop Art with strong retro elements now. Mayor influences reflecting in my art are all kind of vintage things transcended into pop culture - like toys, comic books, classic pin-up's etc.. Living in Frankfurt Main, Germany (hopefully will move to the coast some day). Also visit my profiles at Ello: https://ello.co/retropop ...and Facebook: facebook.com/udo.linke.retro.pop.art ...

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