Heimweh—Fernweh 1

When we are traveling for a long time, we usually enjoy discovering places and meeting new people. And sometimes we feel a weird and contradictory feeling, between the german nouns ‘Heimweh’ and ‘Ferweh’. These two strange perceptions mean being far way from home and miss it; and the yearning for discovering new and far-off places around the world. In the middle of this atmosphere, emerges these grayscale papercraft artwork.

Mariano Pagella

Mariano Pagella is an argentinean graphic designer & art director; a passionate about typography, color and composition. He works from his creative studio 'Vasty', based in Barcelona; a multidisciplinary design boutique that focuses on the creation of imagery, visual expressions and identity, with the purpose to generate exquisite concepts by combining traditional graphic design and craft with a sensitive signature. His work has been featured in Fubiz, étapes, inkygoodness, Mindsparkle Mag, Osso Magazine, Notes on Design, Fahrenheit Magazine, Domestika among ...

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