La Habana - City Poster Series

Travelling always brings unexpected experiences and changes. In 2016 during a trip between Buenos Aires, Barcelona and New York, the idea of this system of 18 posters emerged. Using the 3 letter IATA code of different airports as an excuse to play between experimental typography, geometry shapes and bold colors that ended up having its own language.

Mariano Pagella

Mariano Pagella is an argentinean graphic designer & art director; a passionate about typography, color and composition. He works from his creative studio 'Vasty', based in Barcelona; a multidisciplinary design boutique that focuses on the creation of imagery, visual expressions and identity, with the purpose to generate exquisite concepts by combining traditional graphic design and craft with a sensitive signature. His work has been featured in Fubiz, étapes, inkygoodness, Mindsparkle Mag, Osso Magazine, Notes on Design, Fahrenheit Magazine, Domestika among ...

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