The long, dry season, late June, Maasai Mara, Kenya. It was another sun drenched day in June. There was not a breeze either. At mid – morning I spotted this 15 feet tall bull giraffe walking with all the dignity in the world. Then, as I saw this giraffe run I imagined it lashing out at a lion and killing it with one blow of its feet. I also imagined it was trying to fly. It conjured up a tremendous image of freedom – a symbol of what the Mara means to me.
The print is made to order. Once an order is placed, I liaise with a top photography printing lab in London which has state of the art equipment and talented printers. I work in partnership with a specific printer at the lab who knows my work and together we ensure a finished professional product. The lab uses a top of the range lambda printer and the print is made on an Ilford fibre based black and white silver gelatin photographic paper. The paper is resin-coated and the master print I hold has a consistent and neutral image tone. The tonal range is also wide with strong blacks and subtle highlight details. Please allow 2 weeks from order to dispatch.
This photographic print with a black frame on a white wall should look aesthetically pleasing. Given its size, it would make for easy viewing from both near and far.

Anup Shah

Anup was born in Nairobi, Kenya. His childhood experiences there became the foundation for a career in wildlife photography. Anup received the National Geographic call that most photographers dream of for his first assignment for the magazine in 2003. This was followed by seven more assignments. Anup was featured in The World’s Top Wildlife Photographers book (Rotovision 2004) and in Horzu magazine (February 2010) as one of the five best wildlife photographers in the world. He is also one of ...

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