Hermes Berrio powerfully explores identity through his series “I Only Roll with Goddess," in which his representation of indigenous subjects from around the world are engulfed in a western-like style of painting. These details in his works can either indicate two worlds coming together or a confrontation of these two worlds, tackling topics such as colonization, relocation, and westernization.

Hermes Berrio

represented by

The Directed Art Modern

The Mission of The Directed Art Modern is to Keep Art For Artsake. The mission of The Directed Art Modern is to be a service to and for artists in all levels of their careers, this includes: exhibitions management, and opening doors to not only collectors, but also to the public, in general. To facilitate this, The DAM is a melding of individuals from the art world – an artist, and a curator bringing 27 years of art market experience ...

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