Seasonal Dreams > Jungle Books Library, The Jungle Refuge Camp, Calais, France, from The Global Library Project Series, 2016, Edition of 10

Robert Dawson’s involvement with SF Camerawork includes two exhibitions (Mono Lake, 1982 and Farewell Promised Land: How Paradise Was Lost, 1998) and membership on the board of directors, as well as lectures, awards, and generous donations to our programs for over 30 years. Dawson’s early work focused on the shared commons of the landscape and environment of the American West, and on global water issues. “Jungle Books Library” is part of Dawson’s most recent series, The Global Library Project, which documents the important role of public libraries throughout the world in engaging and supporting an informed citizenry. Work from the project will be presented in a series of traveling exhibitions, videos, public programs, lectures, and publications.

San Francisco Camerawork

San Francisco Camerawork is a non-profit art organization dedicated to innovative photography. Founded in 1974, SF Camerawork’s mission is to encourage and support emerging artists to explore new directions and ideas in the photographic arts. Through exhibitions, publications, and educational programs, we strive to create an engaging platform for artistic exploration as well as community involvement and inquiry. The spacious and light filled gallery is located on Market street in the Civic Center/Central Market district and is free and open ...

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