Seasonal Dreams > UFO 8-6, 2015, Fuji crystal archive chromogenic print, 11 x 14 inches, signed in ink verso, Edition of 10 with 4 APs

Oliver Leach was born and raised in Arlington, Texas. He studied photography and imaging in New York, Georgia and San Francisco, where he still resides. Oliver has spent the past fifteen years developing a unique composite photographic process that he uses to create images of fantastic and impossible phenomena and visitations. His composite photo process is designed conceptually around the techniques used in spirit photography to build images of ruptures of the normal world, places where the sublime forces it's way in. Leach uses the visual structure that developed organically when belief in the paranormal intersected with photography.

San Francisco Camerawork

San Francisco Camerawork is a non-profit art organization dedicated to innovative photography. Founded in 1974, SF Camerawork’s mission is to encourage and support emerging artists to explore new directions and ideas in the photographic arts. Through exhibitions, publications, and educational programs, we strive to create an engaging platform for artistic exploration as well as community involvement and inquiry. The spacious and light filled gallery is located on Market street in the Civic Center/Central Market district and is free and open ...

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