San Francisco > Lottas Fountain

Traditional photography is beautiful, but lacks the multidimensionality to fully express the sensations of energy and joy that are often felt when looking upon a San Francisco scene. To overcome the limitations of traditional photography as a medium, I developed a technique that captures these feelings. To begin the process I repeatedly photograph a subject, such as a tree, as I walk a circle around it. Once I have all of the images, I digitally layer them on top of each other, subtracting some elements and highlighting others. The addition of this temporal dimension to the photograph conveys the energy that I feel around the tree, and the trees relationship to its setting. The tree becomes, visually, an anchor. My first Impression was a revelation, and showed me that I could use digital photography to more completely represent a scene.

Christopher Dydyk

Christopher Dydyk first seriously began taking photographs at the age of 13, by simply documenting the beauty he saw in nature. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a B.S. in Biopsychology, he decided to pursue his passion of photography and he attended Brooks Institute of Photography. It was during this tenure that he was given the opportunity to photograph the cover of a soon to be best selling book “The Man Who Listens To Horses”. A couple of years ...

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