"What does it mean?"" I hear this a lot. The truth is, I often don’t know until months after a piece is finished. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the relevance of the symbolism to my life will hit me—the way suddenly a dream you had forever ago will make perfect sense.

What I do know is that I'm drawn to the nature—flora, fauna, water—especially water. I believe the world is an intricate, interconnected, living being. In my work, I draw on that interconnection. I combine images that, taken individually, shouldn't belong together and use them in a way that somehow feels right. "

Angela Tannehill

represented by

Art Attack

Keeping it fresh on the West Coast. Art Attack SF is an art space for contemporary work and community-minded pop-up events. The gallery features rotating exhibitions of emerging artists primarily from the Bay Area and surrounding West Coast. Established in 2012, the gallery is located in San Francisco’s vibrant Castro district.

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