As a practitioner of ‘Lucid Dreaming’ I have always had a fine line between my two consciousnesses, the one we call reality and the one we call sleeping. Sometimes I’ll live an entire lifetime as a different person only to wake and be back in this ‘real life’. My work as an artist deals with this distrust of the ‘real’ and and the absurdity of being. These questions- posed as answers within my professional practice manifest as painting, sculpture, drawing and poem. The works stand as artifacts of my interaction with them. They tend to take 2-6 months to complete and over that period, they have a dialogue with my daily thoughts and desires, that intertwine with the initial conceptual undertaking. In this way they are much more complicated than they might appear on first read. I will scan or photograph drawings made through direct observation, then have them printed upon the canvas only to paint or draw again on top of them. Issues of this complication deal with blurred lines between the artist’s hand and the digital or manufactured. Found, selected or ordered materials and objects, along with the ability of procuring them through apps and websites contribute to the complication. Mirroring the interface of our present lives and the spectacle of technology we are so captivated by.

John Damian Boychuk

represented by

Art Attack

Keeping it fresh on the West Coast. Art Attack SF is an art space for contemporary work and community-minded pop-up events. The gallery features rotating exhibitions of emerging artists primarily from the Bay Area and surrounding West Coast. Established in 2012, the gallery is located in San Francisco’s vibrant Castro district.

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