After the Rain

In this discordant age of technology, noise, and impatience, my work intends to slow down the viewer, allowing them to reflect on life's simple moments – ordinary things that fill in our days, places where we feel at home, habitual routines that give us a sense of security. Those are the moments when people allow their thoughts to drift away and reveal their true selves. That's when a subject's genuine emotions can be read through body language – interlaced fingers, relaxed posture, tensed shoulders, or even a simple turn of the head. I want these moments to last on canvas, as if the world stopped for a minute to let us see life

Olga Kleytman

represented by

Art Attack

Keeping it fresh on the West Coast. Art Attack SF is an art space for contemporary work and community-minded pop-up events. The gallery features rotating exhibitions of emerging artists primarily from the Bay Area and surrounding West Coast. Established in 2012, the gallery is located in San Francisco’s vibrant Castro district.

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