The paintings provided for the show, Into the Wild, emphasize the beauty and wildness of patterns found in nature throughout history. In the past, humans and the surrounding nature held a stronger bond. That's why we have made many beautiful patterns inspired by nature in all over the world. Each pattern had specific meaning and power related to the motif. Today, however, we seem to forget that connection in our modern concrete environment. The meanings of patterns are also lost and the patterns are treated as a part of the fashion. My work aims to rekindle fragments of memories in the viewers' mind and our bond with nature that we have almost lost, using the burst of patterns.

Harumo Sato

represented by

Art Attack

Keeping it fresh on the West Coast. Art Attack SF is an art space for contemporary work and community-minded pop-up events. The gallery features rotating exhibitions of emerging artists primarily from the Bay Area and surrounding West Coast. Established in 2012, the gallery is located in San Francisco’s vibrant Castro district.

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