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"My art gives voice to the wild animals whose world is being stolen by habitat destruction, over-consumption and poaching, and the billions of domesticated animals who suffer and die in animal agribusiness and laboratories.

Recently, I’ve become interested in animal cognition and the fact that we humans generally (and incorrectly) believe that non-human animals are not intelligent. The most cutting-edge scientific research shows that animals are indeed intelligent, just not in the ways we are accustomed to. Newly hatched chickens can count, and exhibit empathy and self-control. Prairie dogs have complex systems of language. Raccoons are creative problem solvers. As I’ve learned more, the subject of animal intelligence has been showing up in my paintings. I hope that, as we unravel the mysteries of animals’ minds that more of us will exhibit empathy towards them.

Our species is destroying the biosphere of this planet through human overpopulation, habitat destruction and climate change. I believe that art can be a powerful and effective way to disseminate information and to help people connect emotionally with what it means to lose nature and animals. I view my art as cultural resistance to ecocide and speciesism.

Michelle Waters

represented by

Art Attack

Keeping it fresh on the West Coast. Art Attack SF is an art space for contemporary work and community-minded pop-up events. The gallery features rotating exhibitions of emerging artists primarily from the Bay Area and surrounding West Coast. Established in 2012, the gallery is located in San Francisco’s vibrant Castro district.

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