Imaginary Universe # 14

The “Imaginary Universe” series depicts a bright, colorful universe with multiple galaxies, mystic planets, and space-time bubbles. This imaginary world was discovered by accident, on chilly autumn mornings, while observing the rays of the rising sun reflecting in water condensation. My work is revealing that parallel universes that exist when we look with different eyes at the world.

Anita Vincze

Anita lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. Design and creation were always present in her life, as she has a background in fashion design. After a long period of fascination with photography, she completed an advanced course in Contemporary Fine Art Photography. Encouraged by her mentors, leading Hungarian fine art photographers, Anita is developing her creativity mainly in portrait and abstract photography. Anita is drawn to recording beauty around us. She considers the sensor of her camera to be a ...

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