Seasonal Dreams > Frost King - A Red Deer In A Frosty Forest - Art Nouveau Style

An original oil painting of a red deer stag standing in clearing in a forest in winter. It is painted in thick paint in an art nouveau, expressionist and quite decorative style. The colours are warm pinks, lilacs, reds and Indian yellow but are muted by the white paint which makes the scene a winter frosty landscape. The stag stares at us imperiously, as deer do, as he wonders what we are doing crunching through the forest of his white world. Inspired by recent walk (Dec 2017) in several frosty forest's in East Sussex.

Gill Bustamante

I am an artist based in Sussex, England and I paint large landscape paintings and seascape paintings in oil on canvas. My painting style is not always easy to define but has elements of abstract, Impressionist, Expressionist and possibly some Art-Nouveau. ​Although I have a fine art degree in sculpture (acquired at Brighton in 1983), I am largely self-taught as a painter. For many year’s I painted animal portraits but finally realised I was having to repress my urge to ...

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