Dreaming of Red

'Dreaming of Red' -
57cm x 57cm, small size - from limited edition of 7 plus 2AP

Each print is signed, numbered, and accompanied with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and serial number, using secure holographic identification. Prints are sent unframed.

Limited Edition artworks are available as museum-quality, archival pigment prints, professionally printed on heavyweight, Hahnemühle acid free, 100% cotton paper with 2cm white border.
During the proofing process Nikolina works closely with her printer to produce colours and finishes for every artwork, with attention to crisp details of the print. Each print is carefully inspected before final dispatching.

All quoted dimensions represent the actual printed image size, not the paper size.

Also available as:
*medium size (80cm x 80cm) - edition of 5
*large size (108cm x 108cm) - edition of 3

If you need different size than listed above, please enquire with artist.

My works are complex photo collages. I have been collecting photographs for over a decade. It is a long process of combining carefully selected photographs and illustrated parts, which are then transferred to computer and digitally painted.

"I am inspired by my surroundings and I see potential in various everyday things and relations, people, nature, architecture, even food. I see them sometimes as fragments of my work. Most of times they stay just that, fragments, and sometimes they become unified into a whole and therefore start to exist as a part of my sceneries.
By using real life photographs and textures I give my work a feel of realism, although the themes are far from being realistic…"

"Nikolina uses an profound mix of style, color and technique as a means to transmit various visions from her mind. She combines specific photographic fragments into stunning sceneries.
Inspired by thoughts about the environment we live in, as well as her dark dreams, she creates new formats and glances on objects. That way, ordinary things are put into imaginary surroundings and therefore they create some new world filled with mystery."

Nikolina Petolas

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