My name is Marc. I am a Photographer. I dig Authenticity, Love, Music, Arts, Compassion, and Conscious Living. All of this is reflected in my work. I specialize in promotional Photography for artists, Fine Art Photography, Photo Journalism of all sorts, and capturing all other colors and moments of our human experience. I emphasize on capturing the raw essence of whatever I get in front of my lens, thus visually expressing my perception of truth. I was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. My Photography journey started in San Diego, and continued in Los Angeles where I was freelancing as well as continuously learning from some of the most inspiring Photographers in the City of Angels. In 2013, after an 8 year stint in California, I relocated my base back to Europe to make Berlin my hub of creativity. The german capital inspired me to create a Series called HINTERHOF, a project covered by numerous media outlets including Berliner Zeitung and VICE Media. The HINTERHOF project was followed by THE LIQUOR STORE SERIES, a project that had me go on an in-depth cultural journey through the Americas and almost 40 States, while leaving behind some 30,000km in 100 days, returning with a collection of life stories and Liquor Store Photographs. As of 2016, I live and work out of Zurich, Switzerland. I keep traveling to beautiful places to capture the wonder of nature and our human existence.


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