Cockatoo flock # 2

Sulphur crested cockatoos are Australia’s best-known parrots. In major cities, such as Sydney, these intelligent birds became city dwellers. We are often surrounded by large, very loud flocks of cockatoos.

My series captures the beauty of cockatoo flocks flying around gum trees.
These abstract images remind me of the visible brush strokes of impressionist paintings.

Exhibited in the A4 Art Australia 2018 exhibition, Contemporary Art Society of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.

* Other sizes are available on request *

Eva Bane

Eva was born in Hungary and is based in sunny Sydney, Australia. Eva's fine art photos and portraits have been exhibited in Australia, Europe and the United States in art galleries and international photo salons. Eva's artwork is also licensed to fine art publishers and is available as art prints and canvas prints. Fine art photo portfolio: https://www.foreverphotos.com.au/ Please get in touch about licensing opportunities: foreverphotosaustralia@gmail.com **Other sizes of artwork available on request**

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