'Min Turab' Mekka region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

‘Min Turab’
In the space of a few decades, the landscapes of the Arab Gulf region have undergone a wholesale
mutation driven by increased income from the oil, globalization and mass tourism. These countries have
seen so a huge transformation, moving from the nomadic lifestyle of the bedouin tribes to a hi-tech urban
society. The work takes the title from an arabic expression meaning “from the land”, and is an
observation of this process oscillation between these two poles: an austere, traditional civilization on one
extreme, and a postmodern culture under the powerful influence of capitalism and consumerism on the
Founded on the idea of travel as an artistic method, these photographs hold up a mirror to the dyad of
nature and technology in a place where the old and the new come together and the lines between them
blur. This tension is evident both in the vast desert landscapes and in the images of cities, where the past
and the future are compressed into the close quarters of the present. These representations of the
landscapes of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Qatar throw into sharp
relief the binary opposition of the natural and the constructed. This sense of dislocation feeds into this
idea of travel as an artistic dérive, drifting with no particular destination in mind, in search of new situations
and experiences.
In these dreamlike images, the author reflects on the concepts of the real and the unreal, with viewers left
uncertain as to what is really going on. Almost completely lacking in human presence, these photographs
show the mark left upon the landscape by consumer society at the same time as they seek out the beauty
in strangeness. With a dry wit, the artist focuses his gaze on the idea of the simulacrum. The visual and
conceptual glimpses of this world documents the colonization of contemporary landscapes by technology
and the alienation of human beings in the digital societies of the Arabian Gulf countries. These images of
silent architecture do not offer viewers any conclusions, but rather invite them to reflect and leave the way
clear for a multiplicity of interpretations that connect with viewers’ own imaginary.

Roger Grasas

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