Images from interactive installation, "Bloom": Interactions with technology are centered around quick gratification. Even interactive digital art is centered around the idea that the user expects immediate feedback - every tap, touch, or move of the hand is expected to have an instant reaction. Bloom seeks to reverse this dynamic by asking people to slow down and work on the machine's schedule. Inspired by the titan arum flower - the "corpse flower" which only blooms once every few years - Bloom simulates the birth, growth, bloom, and finally death of a generative 3D plant that only blooms once an hour. The flower detects people paying attention to it and rewards their attention with an expansive display. A variety of color, shape, and configurations ensure no two blooms look the same. Throughout the entire festival there may perhaps be only two dozen or so blooms. I hope the work encourages reflection on what we pay attention to in our lives.

Xiaohan Zhang

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