My EmojiBots are small mixed media treasures created from discarded electronics, i.e. stepmotors, dials, platters, platter separators, googly eyes, CDRs, DVRs, chips, PC board guides & extractors, beads, faux gems, etc. Some are assembled on painted cardstock coasters, while others float on discs of various sizes. All are affixed to black painted 3D wood panels, 6"x 6"x 1" deep. They have sawtooth hangers on the back and are ready to hang on the wall.

Liz Mamorsky

Since graduation from Bennington College, I have exhibited my unique reclaimed materials sculpture, artbots, and visionary paintings and drawings nationally and internationally, starting with The International Young Artists Exhibition in Osaka, Japan. My work resides in numerous public and private collections including: Tonellerie Taransaud, Cognac; The Spertus Museum, Chicago; The Oakland Museum of California, Sony Corporation, First National Bank of Arizona, Francois Freres, St. Romain, France, and Paramount Pictures for the set of Star Trek: Voyager.

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