Valley of Cinnamon

La Canela, the Valley of Cinnamon, is a legendary location in South America. As with El Dorado, its legend grew out of expectations aroused by the voyage of Columbus. He had demonstrated to the satisfaction of his backers that gold and spices would be found as a result of his Atlantic crossing; since he himself found little of these commodities, the search on the American mainland continued.

Jeff Iverson

My work is a synthesis of the intricate, chaotic, and unpredictable. I work primarily in digital media, focusing on colorful abstracts, complex fractal manipulations, and digital photography, with brief incursions into traditional media such as acrylic on various supports. I work with shapes, colors and textures in an attempt to reach something greater than the sum of those parts. Most of my work is non-objective pure abstract and I delve into the world of the expressionist, minimalist, and pure color ...

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