Una Vita

Una vita is the first novel of Italo Svevo, the author of the seminal modernist novel, Zeno's Conscience. Originally titled Un inetto – inetto may be translated as 'inept,' unfit', 'unsuitable' or 'incapable' – this name was rejected by the publisher, who requested that it be changed to Una vita – 'A Life' – which is also the name of a famous Maupassant novel. The first draft was submitted in 1888. It was refused by the publishing house Treves, and wasn't published until 1892 by Vram, at the expense of Svevo himself. The original title, Un inetto, was perhaps intended to illustrate the psychology of the main character and, in a certain sense, the pessimism typical of the author.

Jeff Iverson

My work is a synthesis of the intricate, chaotic, and unpredictable. I work primarily in digital media, focusing on colorful abstracts, complex fractal manipulations, and digital photography, with brief incursions into traditional media such as acrylic on various supports. I work with shapes, colors and textures in an attempt to reach something greater than the sum of those parts. Most of my work is non-objective pure abstract and I delve into the world of the expressionist, minimalist, and pure color ...

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