Red head twins

This work belongs to my series of paintings inspired from twin sisters.
Delicate and sweet this two almost identical sisters share most of their life together,
You start discovering some differences in a delicate and subtle way, appreciating how unique and fantastic they are, and how much they want to be treated like two different people.
In this particular painting they share the same white flower, like if they were bond an connected from the uterus in the very moment they where conceived, a create a linkage that will exist until the end of their days.

Karenina Fabrizzi

Karenina Fabrizzi is an Italian artist who lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. She study fresco techniques in Italy and in several European cities including Barcelona and London. A keen traveler, her training later took her to New York, where she spent a period as painting assistant to the American Pop artist Jeff Koons, attending the School of visual arts. Karenina’s work has been exhibited all over the world and is held in many private collections internationally. Her work beautiful ...

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