The body fluctuations

This is a new series of work based on the concept that the body is always changing and it is in constant fluctuation.
We may think we have total control but is just an illusion, our minds change our blood and cells are in constant renovation.
Nothing remains the same.
With this paintings I want to make the viewer reflect on this idea and how the same person can looks totally different depending on the day and the circumstances.
For us is one of the most difficult things to do let go and go with the flow accepting that we are part of nature and nature is always in constant renovation.
If we accept the fact we can be much more relaxed and happy with our existence.

Karenina Fabrizzi

Karenina Fabrizzi is an Italian artist who lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. She study fresco techniques in Italy and in several European cities including Barcelona and London. A keen traveler, her training later took her to New York, where she spent a period as painting assistant to the American Pop artist Jeff Koons, attending the School of visual arts. Karenina’s work has been exhibited all over the world and is held in many private collections internationally. Her work beautiful ...

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