Abstract Portrait No 12

Jazz up your walls with some unique norwegian photoart. Bring life to your space and transform it into one-of-a-kind experiences. Printing and presentation are processes that play an equal part in the creation of my artwork. A fine art photograph is something that can be held, displayed and passed on through time. - A PHOTOGRAPH ISN’T REAL UNLESS IT IS PRINTED - Erik Brede Photography delivering unique and luxury, fine art for Corporate, Healthcare, the hospitality industry, Cruise Ships and High End Residences all over the world – believing that art can significantly enrich the experience, style and value of any property to the benefit of both its owners and residents. Buy this at www.erikbrede.com.

Erik Brede

Use the power of unique photo art to transform ordinary spaces into one-of-a-kind experiences and bring life to your space. Jazz up your walls with unique, fine art photography for Interior Design, Corporate, Healthcare, The International Hotel Sector, Cruise Ships and High-End Residences - Ships all over the world. Exclusive prints produced by one of the leading photo labs in the world - See www.erikbrede.com for more info, deals and a full portfolio. Producing a link between the landscape’s reality ...

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