My works usually depict an alternative reality that is possible by letting go the standardised perception of the surroundings.
Once time and space become other than boundaries the possibilities are limitless and the creative thought can release us into a freedom which we didn't have the courage to hope for.

Dan Arcus

Education: University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, Romania Activity: February 2018 - "ArtOpenKunst"- Group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium February 2017- represented in the Republic of Ireland by the Chimera Gallery May 2015 - Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing Exhibition June 2009 - "Memories", conceptual garment performance, Cluj, Romania September 2008-Fashion exhibition PrĂȘt a porter Paris, Porte de Versailles May 2008 - "Dorkin", fashion show Iasi, Romania 2007- Group exhibition and show in Belgrade Fashion Fair April 2007 - "Urbanascetica", ...

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