Beach Bummers

Beach Bummers, Basque Country, Biarritz, France.

"Bathing in Biarritz like in Dieppe like in the Havre like in Tréport but with I'm not sure which freedom that this sky boat inspire and that this smooth climate operate."

Art photography by César Ancelle-Hansen, limited edition prints.

Six Feet Galerie

For the last seven years, Six Feet Galerie has partnered with renowned photographers from over eight countries that all share a passion for outdoor - nature or urban - landscapes. Starting with surfing in 2011, we then expanded to skiing/mountaineering in 2015 and more recently to skateboarding. Each offers a rich photographic history, its own lifestyle and aesthetic codes and endless beautiful ocean, mountain or urban landscapes to be captured in unlimited angles. Over the years we have acquired great ...

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