I work primarily with acrylic paint on board or canvas. My current work falls into two areas, paintings of architectural subjects and paintings that are abstract with no obvious central subjects represented.

Most of my architectural paintings are of lone, quiet, isolated structures. These paintings are about shapes and surface textures created by light and shadows and are arranged in simple formal compositions. While representational, they are created as flat abstract shapes and imply depth and distance through line and color. Muted colors, with occasional bright vivid accents, give the paintings an impressionist feel. I've done graphic design and theatrical and commercial set design over the years, and you can see some of that influence in many of my paintings.

My abstract paintings are composed of hard edge, geometric, and textured elements. These angular contrasting shapes are arranged in bold dynamic compositions, and often depict different styles in a single painting: smooth gradations, loose brush strokes, and realistic areas.They reference ideas and subjects that evoke unconscious emotions and themes that are not immediately obvious.

I was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in New York City. I graduated from The City University of New York and New York University and now live in Pennsylvania. Collectors in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States have purchased my paintings.

Adalberto Ortiz

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