Marbling 5

Hello there. I'm a 24 years-old Portuguese guy that live in Espinho, a small touristic city near the sea and close to Portugal North Capital, Oporto. My parents raised me in Portugal, but I was born in South Africa, in Johannesburg, I graduated in Design and Social Interaction and started my official first job as Editorial Graphic Designer in a Digital Publishing Atelier, named Spark Digital Media. At the same time I worked as a Graphic Designer in an Architecture Studio - Balthazar Aroso Arquitectos. After a Digital Photography course at the Portuguese Institute of Photography I realized that I wanted a deeper and closer intimacy with photography and its process. I wanted to change the level of conceptualization of this type of art. So I signed up for a Black and White Photographic Technics Course at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Oporto University. At the same time I started my Master Degree in Graphic Design And Editorial Projects. Which allowed me to merge my two interests, Photography and Design, taking into consideration my vision of Design as a self-expression, the fusion between Art and Design and its boundaries.

Sergio Campos

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