Untitled 44 (Porcelain Paint on Linseed Oil)

This work investigates the nature of the materials and methods with which I create my art. The compositions incorporate oils, iron oxides, chlorophyll and other pigments that are foraged from nature. I use magnetization, wind, kinetic energy and other methods to push and pull the pigments over surfaces to create the pieces. Time and environment are factors as well; sunlight, heat and cold add rust, corrosion and decay into the ephemeral works.

Because of the impermanent nature of the materials and compositions it is the photograph capturing a moment within the process that is the end result. In the final production stages I explore traditional photographic processes including solarization, cross processing, and split toning.

Keith Petersen

Keith Petersen is an artist and photographer living in the East Bay. He graduated from CCAC with a BFA in Photography and has shown work in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

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SF Open Studios, the oldest and largest open studios program in the country, is an annual, month-long art event in October and November that showcases over 800 emerging and established San Francisco artists in their studios. Last year, 2017, marked the 42nd Anniversary of SF Open Studios! To create the best experience for everyone across the city, we have extended the event to five weekends and restructured the SF neighborhood map. We invite you to explore our city and find ...

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