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What Naomi draws is the essence of things with an intention to show one's soul. The essence is expressed in an original sphere with original figures. The figures that are seen on canvas could be perceived as a shadow of a mankind. It’s showing that we can't stop thinking. As we enjoy observing each artwork, suddenly finding those figures makes our brain active, we start thinking instead of feeling. This is the intention of Namoi's works - she guides us how to FEEL and then how to THINK.

Naomi Yuki

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Art Acacia Gallery originally was founded as a support for highly-skilled international contemporary artists who are looking for recognition of their talent across the borders. Based out of San Francisco, we work with artists around the world. Our passion for travel and discovery helps us to find artists even in remote locations and expose their works to our customers. Now we also offer consulting services to all our clients: private individuals seeking for a new piece as well as professionals ...

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