Cam Floyd is a freelance illustrator and concept artist living in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2010 he began working with renowned Illustrator James Jean as a studio assistant while making his way into the world of editorial and publishing illustration. Since then he has worked for such clients as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Disney-Hyperion as well as maintained a presence in the Los Angeles gallery scene. His work can also be seen on numerous album covers and concert posters for various musicians from a wide swathe of genres. He has participated in the Supersonic Annual Invitational at Spoke Art Gallery since it's inception and recently completed work on a 156-page graphic novel adaptation of "The Throne of Fire" by Rick Riordian as an assistant illustrator. When he's not locked in his studio he enjoys scouting for prime taco trucks around LA and surfing up and down the coast of California as wel as making techno and house music under the moniker, Floyd Campbell; an alter ego of sorts. He thanks you for your patronage and support.

Cam Floyd

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