Raccoon Overlay

I use an overlay technique to represent a different vantage point on animals, one that merges multiple instances of the same creature, incorporating the element of time. The images seem to find the average, mean, or essence of the subject, by emphasizing only the repetitive elements. Using more than 30 layers in each image, I aim to capture an icon in the way people's memory works - a conglomeration of various fleeting images recalled as one. An anchor in each image is reinforced with every layer. The resulting superimpositions display a different way of viewing these animals, one that incorporates the element of time and motion into Animal Artwork.

Steve Socha

Hello, I’m Steve Socha. I create art for people who are into viewing familiar things in a new way. I help them find a new perspective on people, places, and objects, by bringing a sense of wonder into their lives. I am an award-winning artist that has exhibited in Toronto, and Brooklyn, and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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