Quantum Vacuun

This work is in exhibition The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition Exhibition, in the Agora Gallery, New York, between 05-15 December.
-Original 1/1 Sole Exclusive Printed on C-Print mounting on Plexiglass made on Laumount, Manhattan, Dimensions 100x66,6x,5cm. Certificate of Authenticity issued and signed by the Author.

Quantum Vacuum is the only wave.

Ordí Calder

Existential Poetry in Pictures | website www.ordicalder.art "Ordi Calder is a fine art photographer, recognized abroad and Brazil, whose focus on the geometric interplay of light and shadow on atomized compositions take us on an arcane quest for the essential components of reality. Until a few months ago, if you were to ask to make a plausible connection between G.W. F. Hegel (a German philosopher whose existence on this earth straddled the 18th and 19th centuries), Fritz Lang (the German ...

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