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“The journey of the mind cannot be limited. Forbidden poems, forbidden words, forbidden lines, forbidden art, forbidden artists! what is the boundary between forbidden and permitted, what is the boundary between seen and unseen? Things that we can not see might hold the answers to our questions.”

Mobina Nouri began using ink and bamboo pen when she was six years old to write poems. Growing up as a child in a fearful environment of Iran-Iraq war, poems were a magical escape from reality. As a young woman coming from Iran to the West, she experiences the different pressures, cultural expectations and demands for conformity of both societies. Moving to London and immersing herself in the creative and intellectual milieu, she developed a new way to explore her evolving identity as a woman in a totally new culture using powerful photos of herself and veil them over and over with calligraphic fragments of poems creating mysterious transcendent layers as a medium of expression: full of words, sensuality and layers of meaning.

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