The house of the haruspex

The haruspex predicts the future by interpreting signs that he is able to discover hidden in the bowels of animals. The place of his work is bare, half way between the shop of a dealer and a pagan temple. The large bowls, which contain the remains of animals butchered for the prophecy, are the tools of his work. The soothsayer is sad. To him falls the task of sacrificing innocent animals, for an oracle that says nothing that is not already known.

Federico Cortese

I was born in 1971 in Turin, Italy, where I live and work as an artist. Since I can remember I have always drawn. My preferred techniques are classic oil on canvas paintings, and pencil drawings. I’m like a mouse in its box. A little mouse safe in its shelter, that passes his time gnawing the food stored for the winter. But my food are the drawings. I work within my home. My studio is a room of the house ...

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