Clouds Over The Beach

Some days I think I have this silly fascination with clouds and other days I clearly understand why I do. Walking around in our busy lives, we often do not look up unless something draws our attention. When we are at the beach, the eyes and our attention easily glance up now and then and it is amazing what fleeting moments one can capture. The contrails are quickly disbursing miles above the lower layer of clouds that are catching the coming sunset colors - both still thousands of feet above us, the tiny little specs on the sand.

Karen Hanley Colbert

I have been diligently working on my photographic vision in all aspects of Fine Art Photography. I shoot both in color and black and white. Over the past ten years, my work has been recognized in local, regional, national and international Juried Competitions. I have received awards, honors and nominations in Abstract, Nature, Architecture and Landscape among others. My imagery has also been exhibited and sold in a local gallery and published in two magazines. In the last few years, ...

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