Under The Pier

To me, piers at the beach are synonymous with crashing waves under and around the pilings. There is an entirely different world under a pier on the ocean. The reflections of the pilings are on the wet sand. The waves can be raging and also quiet and barely moving - it all depends on the tides and weather. Big waves crashing on the sandy beaches are one thing but coming in and crashing under a pier is much different. The waters weave their way through and around these tall, sturdy poles and form a myriad of shapes and sprays caught by the wind. What I see under the piers are the foamy, splashing and spraying of the water. All this captured in one glimpse, one moment of still chaos.

Karen Hanley Colbert

I have been diligently working on my photographic vision in all aspects of Fine Art Photography. I shoot both in color and black and white. Over the past ten years, my work has been recognized in local, regional, national and international Juried Competitions. I have received awards, honors and nominations in Abstract, Nature, Architecture and Landscape among others. My imagery has also been exhibited and sold in a local gallery and published in two magazines. In the last few years, ...

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