The Falls

You are walking peacefully through the woods and you begin to hear - way off in the distance - a growing thunder! Not from the bright blue skies above but from what you know to be a waterfall further down the path. The small trickle of a stream at your feet leads towards it's end. When you reach the edge of the forest, you stand in awe of the mighty roar that is the waterfall itself. You look across the river, you see the bank on the other side and you wonder at how long these turbulent waters have been slicing through this forest.

Karen Hanley Colbert

I have been diligently working on my photographic vision in all aspects of Fine Art Photography. I shoot both in color and black and white. Over the past ten years, my work has been recognized in local, regional, national and international Juried Competitions. I have received awards, honors and nominations in Abstract, Nature, Architecture and Landscape among others. My imagery has also been exhibited and sold in a local gallery and published in two magazines. In the last few years, ...

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