The Space Between the Darkness on the Edge I

My encaustic work considers the enduring question of what we elect to keep or preserve and the reasons why, and invites reflection on what, or whom, we discard along the way.

Still Time on Pye Pond, the narrative from which this work is drawn, dwells in a family farm in South Georgia, where an odd collection of potentially fixable or reusable items await their fate in a randomly ordered fashion. I find much poetry, at once beautiful and sad, in their uncertain future. It is this conflicted beauty, this southern family portrait that I seek to recreate in my studio.

Pye Pond used to be home to all of us; not anymore. There is waywardness. Unspoken absences. When I visit occasionally – these are our roots, this is family – I escape the silence and find solace in the fields and barns around the pond, in patient mounds of old familiar things. I collect images.

Things change ever so slowly on Pye Pond, but there is still time…

Danielle Fontaine

represented by

Art Center Greenville

Greenville Center for Creative Arts Founded by a dedicated group of artists, teachers, and community leaders, Greenville Center for Creative Arts is the anchor for Greenville's visual arts community. GCCA serves the visual arts needs for people of all ages, ethnic diversities, and economic circumstances in the Upstate through collaboration with our local communities. We provide classes, exhibitions, and opportunities to cultivate art appreciation while experiencing Greenville's growing art community. The mission of Greenville Center for Creative Arts is to ...

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