Nocturnal Visions is an examination of the hearts inner terrain and it’s oscillating sentiments during the grand voyage of LOVE. At times the flowers, symbolic of the beauty of love, are surrounded by darkness where devastation lays. Each photograph depicts the varying stages of love; awakening, addiction, melting, eruption and surrender.
The artist constructs a sentimental landscape by the use of water, a metaphor for human emotions, alongside colored inks to taint, stain and bursts to paint “loves” bubble.
return to each other
in waves.
this is how water

Javiera Estrada

Multi¬media artist Javiera Estrada was born in Mexico and moved to the United States in 1989. Her training in classical piano, dance and violin, which continues to inspire her aesthetic today, heavily influenced her childhood. She attended Santa Monica College and received her Certificate of Photography in 2009. Estrada’s broad scope of work is a reflection of memories that she has shaped into her reality. A seeker of the spiritual, Estrada believes that every piece of art created is a ...

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