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My expressionist works of female iconography symbolize the feminine artistic essence of life and explore the spontaneity and drama of women in the world. I seek to bring a visual intensity and superb psychological drama and I try to reveal a timeless romantic perspective that passionately captures the excitement and visceral mystique. My works seek to encapsulate with passion and creativity a sensual and unique artistic vision with poignancy when radiating a poetic artistic point of view. My almost always haunting
work in the use of light interacting with vibrant tonal combinations, juxtaposed with a superb outlook while seductively revealing the fascination of feminine mystique. I try to value the essence of the woman with her eternal visual symbolism that incorporates a timeless message while offering a powerful and sensitive narrative. I constantly seek to transmit the invisible within the visible of the female persona and take advantage of the essence of the emotional and physical experience of women with a deep sensitivity.

Juca Maximo

“I seek with my art trigger some kind of inside disturb. Something that makes the person look and feel that is something deeper inside.” (Juca Máximo) Visual artist, art director, illustrator, designer and musician. His work consists in different techniques: oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor, engravings, nanquin, pencil, digital art, clay sculpture, and digital sculpture. Known for his work at illustration and advertising , he is gaining notoriety in artistic world, especially overseas. He has already been published in big ...

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