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This is a Four colour screen print Including a Gold foil layer, using a special heat transfer technique. Montaged together to form a colourful blossoming dandelion flower. The colours carefully interact to depict the delicate natural beauty of the short life of Dandelion flower. Look at the close up shots and you can see lines of gold reflecting the sunlight.
Limited edition of 20.
Its 50 x 70 cm.
Artwork printed on Southbank smooth 250 gsm.

Chris Keegan

Chris Keegan is an illustrator living and working in London. Since graduating from Camberwell College of Art he has worked for a wide range of newspapers and magazines including the Financial Times, Time magazine, the Observer, The Guardian, Time Out, GQ Australia, Mac User and Design Week Magazine. He has worked for a variety of design and ad agencies including EMI Records, Mother London, COPA and Momentum Design. http://www.chriskeegan.co.uk/shop

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