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Capturing the nuances, and perfect color palettes created by nature, this expressive print brings bold line and saturated color to the modern home: Petra Ute Trimmel used bold, dynamic strokes, dramatic swirls and fluid movement to create art that is filled with bright, joyful energy. Inspired by dazzling light reflections, as seen in a glorious gemstone fashioned into a stunning jewel this fluid artwork is lovely yet very style-forward.

Petra Ute Trimmel

Petra Ute Trimmel combines photography and graphic art to make stunning abstract wall-art designs and fantasy landscapes. Petra's designs span the color spectrum, some very colorful, some muted to provide a selection that will fit your interior design needs. Petra loves to experiment with a variety of looks. Her art allows the viewer to have a sense of wonder and curiosity, to add to their experience of space. Petra's artful blends of colors create stunning compositions. Shaped by her expertise ...

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