Minimal by Karolina Trapp

Karolina is a Polish-Australian street photographer currently based in Seattle, USA. She has a PhD in English literature and in her professional life she has mostly focused on teaching as well as perpetrating occasional literary, academic, and journalistic pieces of writing. In her free time, Karolina roams the city in search for the beautiful ordinary, capturing her vision of everyday life as it goes on wonderfully around us.


2018 Honorable Mention Amateur Street category Chromatic Photography Awards 2018

2017 3rd place Amateur Street category Chromatic Photography Awards 2017

2017 Honorable Mention Amateur Street category Chromatic Photography Awards 2017

2017 Honorable Mention Amateur Street category Monochromatic Awards 2017

2017 Finalist PhosAthens Street photography competition

2017 Community Favourite - Street Photography Awards 2017

2017 2nd place - Streetwise Photography Competition

2016 Street Projections competition laureate (European Month of Photography, Berlin)


2019 Streets Sans Frontieres (collective exibition in Paris)

2017 Fragments of the World (solo exhibition in Gdansk, Poland)

2016 Street Projections, Berlin (collective exhibition in Berlin)

Selected Press:

Jun 2018 Link Lens Magazine

Mar 2018 Chromatic Photography Awards Book

Jan 2018 Photo Mania Poland

Aug 2017 Cut and Dry by Betty Manousos

Jul 2017 Women Street Photographers You Should Follow on the Web by Spyros Papaspyropoulos (Street Hunters)

May 2017 The Inspired Eye No 45

Jan 2017 Shades of Grey No 7

Dec 2016 The Inspired Eye No 31


Maybe because my background is in literature, what I like most about street photography is that it captures human stories. Having always lived in big cities, my tales are of urban life and I feel I come closest to it by capturing candid moments. My pictures are hardly ever staged but at the same time I’m interested in the imaginative more than the documentary side of things. I’m convinced the human condition is as fascinating as it is impossible to fully grasp and I revel in the mystery, enjoying my own totally subjective interpretations of what I see. Internalities, dream-like moments and scenes of strongly evocative character are all great fodder for the imagination. Light and shadow, young and old, static and dynamic – as a photographer, I try to put them all into a meaningful frame, imaginatively coming to terms with the beauty of such indispensable tensions. Their appearances in life are ordinary and yet, at the same time, totally amazing!


All About Photo Awards 2019

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