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Original ink drawing on fine grain heavyweight paper.

The dolmen at Kilclooney in County Donegal, dates from circa. 3500 BC.
It measures approximately 13 feet long, 20 feet across, and stands over 6 feet high, making it one of the largest in Ireland.

Overall paper Size: 20 cm x 29 cm
Drawing size: 13 cm x 25.5 cm

The drawing will be posted in an “Extra Strong” reinforced heavy – duty cardboard envelope.


Before I start a drawing, be it on site or from notes and photographs, my first step is to study the scene, observing the overall dynamics of the "action" and "Interaction" between the subject, and the environment. With each drawing, I endeavour to capture a moment in time, hopefully portraying the movement, energy and direction within and surrounding the subject. I want my lines and colour to project the activity that's abundant in a fraction of a moment, a hesitation ...

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